Vol 6, No 3 (2005)

Research and education for sustainable development


M. CHUCHKOVA. Health and demographic processes on the territory of Sofia city - prob­lems and tendencies.


Air pollution


T. POPOV, HR. YORDANOV, A. MICHAILOVA, T. PANEV, D. CHOHADJIEVA, V. NIKOLOVA, TZ. GEORGIEVA. Possibilities for using 1-hydroxypyrene as a biomarker for exposure to low levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.


A. ZUJIC, D. GOLOBOCANIN, N. MILJEVIC. Air quality parameters in Belgrade.


Air quality monitoring


H. SMAILHODZIC, M. TAIS, M. BUSULADZIC. Results of air quality monitoring in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Water pollution


B. LAZAROV, J. MANOVA, Z. BRATANOVA, N. BONEV. Quick method for determina­tion of organochlorine pesticides in drinking waters. Application at accidental contamination.
V. PAVLOVA, Z. BRATANOVA, D. CHOHADGIEVA, M. SLAVOVA. Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water by HPLC - fluorimetric detection coupled with liquid-liquid and solid-phase extraction.


A. NEZIRI, A. C. RASTALL, Z. VUKOVIC, S. MIJOVIC, E. MARKU, L. ERDINGER. Identification of POPs in lake Shkodra/Skadar using biomimetic SPMDs and GC-MS analysis.


 E. MARKU, A. NURO. Chlorinated pesticides in the sediments and fish species of the Shkodra lake.


H. H. TOK, A. ADILOGLU, N. ONER, E. GONULSUZ, S. ADILOGLU. Heavy metal concentrations in irrigation waters and rice culture in the Central Trakya region.


G. GOPINA, K. VASILEV, V. KAMBOUROVA, D. TODOROVA. Survey of waste water discharges in the Bulgarian part of the transboundary rivers Struma and Maritsa.


M. POPA, M. JITARU, E. HOPIRTEAN. Electrochemical control and waste waters electro­ chemical depollution .


A. ARAPI, P. LAZO, A. CULLAJ. Determination of heavy metals in Viluni lagoon.


Industrial pollution


D. TODOROVA, L. MECHKUEVA, M. TZANOVA. Ecotoxicological expertise of waste water.


M. STEFANOVA, S. P. MARINOV, V. STAMENOVA, A. M. MASTRAL, M. CALLEN, T. GARCIA. Biogenic and anthropogenic markers identified in the particulates from 'Chukurovo' lignite combustion, Bulgaria.


Risk assessment


E.  SOKOLOVSKI, IV. DOMBALOV, Y. PELOVSKI. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in transformer's and capacitor's oils and their influence over human health a^d environment.
E. SOKOLOVSKI, B. ZDRAVKOV, IV. DOMBALOV, Y. PELOVSKI. Emissions of persis­tent organic pollutants (POPs) and their influence over human health and environment.

N. GRIGOROV, M. ISRAEL. High frequency electromagnetic fields around linear accelera­tors and MRI.


Soil pollution


M. SIDJIMOV, AL. SPASSOV. Hygienic investigation of soil pollution with volatile organic compounds in a municipal landfill area.


E. TODOROVA. Assessment of the present state of a problem with DDT on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.




L. MASHEVA. Phytohormones and their use in viticulture.


B. SKRBIC, A. ONJIA, J. CVEJANOV, N. DJURISIC-MLADENOVIC, S. CUPIC. Rela­tion between selected heavy metal concentrations in wheat from growing regions of Serbia.

S. CHANKOVA, D. STOYANOVA-KOLEVA, V. KAPCHINA-TOTEVA, P. BRYANT. I Characterisation of new radio resistant strains of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
Solid waste management


J. MARKOVIC, S. MICEVIC, R. REDZEPOVIC. Industrial waste - possibilities for use in mining industry.


A. ALADJADJIYAN, N. MARKOVA, I. KOUZMANOVA. Edible packaging materials for agri-food products.


E. TODOROVA. Possibilities for obtaining a compost from municipal and agriculture wastes.


Clean technologies


V. YANEVA, I. DOMBALOV. Influence of the mechanochemical activation upon the phase formation in the system Syrian phosphorite - ammonium sulphate.


V. YANEVA, I. DOMBALOV. Mechanical activation of Syrian phosphorite.


Marine ecology


D. COPREAN, S. SCHIOPU, L. TOFAN. Evaluation of marine pollution degree using the  variation of oxidative stress enzymes activity in tissues of fish Apollonia melanostoma.


S. SCHIOPU, D. COPREAN, L. TOFAN. Study of oxidative stress in acute intoxication with benzene on Mytilus galloprovincialis.


Environmental legislation


N. TZACHEVA, M. YANTCHEVA, IV. PETROV, R. MLADENOVA, G. SIMEONOV. The national register of occupational diseases - basis for good public health.


Environmental education


M. GOLUMBEANU, L. TOFAN, L. SERBANESCU. Environmental professions: the neces­sity to introduce new jobs in Constantza county.