Vol 6, No 4 (2005)

Water pollution
D. TODOROVA, S. FURNADJIEVA. Assessment of the toxicity of waste water from a copper plant on algae.


Water quality


A. CIPURKOVIC, R. KUBICEK, P. PETROVSKI, H. SMAILHODZIC. Possibilities of mercury dispersion from chlorine-alkali electrolysis.


T. NEGREANU-PIRJOL, R. SIRBU, B. NEGREANU-PIRJOL. Traces of anthropic activity influence on the Black sea coast water quality.


E.  VOINEA, I. LUCACIU, M. NICOLAU, F. VOSNIAKOS. The long term of the biotic communities structure dynamics in the aquatic ecosystems from the Danube delta biosphere .
L. SHUKA, I. MALOLLARI, D. VEIZAJ. Assessment of phosphates and nitrates effects on water quality of the Ohrid and Prespa lakes.


R. SIRBU, T. NEGREANU-PIRJOL, T. CRITESCU. Thermodynamic modelling by Pitzer's equations of Black sea water along the Constantza harbor.


Soil pollution


M. MARINESCU, C. CONSTANTIN. Cadmium influence on chlorophyll pigments.
Industrial pollution.

O. TUTUIANU, N. SIMION. Determining the imissions of ozone and nitrogen oxides in the vicinity of overhead electric lines.


Risk assessment


M. YANCHEVA, N. TZACHEVA, R. MLADENOVA, IV. PETROV, G. SIMEONOV. Occupational diseases in Bulgaria in the period 2000-2002. Level, structure and development.
NIKIFOROVl. T. ANTOVA, J. STAIKOVA. Health indicators for assessment of the effect of the environment on the population.


M. IVANOVA, M. ISRAEL. Problems of transboundary 'pollution' from high voltage power lines.




S. CELIK, D. KOK. Effects of air pollution agents on organic viticulture.


T. BABRIKOV, S. SHILEV, D. IVANOVA. Effect of some ecological factors on the develop­ment and yield of annual onion cultivars.


S. SHILEV, T. BABRIKOV, D. IVANOVA. Investigation of the rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soil microflora of some short-day-cultivars of onion.


Ecological medicines


T. NEGREANU-PIRJOL, R. SIRBU, C. GURAN. New transition metal complexes of biguanide derivatives - biological activity on marine organisms.

Marine ecology


D. MIRCEA, N. ROSOIU, A. OROS, D. TIGANUS. Some ecobiochemical aspects of mollusk shells from Romanian Black sea coast.

L. TOFAN, D. COPREAN, M. BRATU, S. SCHIOPU, T. NEGREANU, M. BELC, I. SPANU. Preliminary data about ecotoxicological, physiological and biochemical changes in mussels under Zn contamination at the Romanian Black sea coast and in experimental condi­tions.


S. SCHIOPU, D. COPREAN, L. TOFAN. Morphological changes in acute intoxication with phenol on Mytilus galloprovincialis.


Solid waste management


V. IVANOVA, V. PETKOVA, Y. PELOVSKI. Properties of ammonium sulphate from Maritza EastTPPE-beamdesulphurisation unit.


N. MARKOVA, A. ALADJADJIYAN, I. KOUZMANOVA, S. VASILEV. Development of systems for utilisation of package waste in Bulgaria.


B. ZDRAVKOV, V. HRISTOVA, Y. PELOVSKI. Utilisation of FGD-gypsum and ashes from thermal power stations as soil conditioners.


Environmental protection and sustainable development


R. YILMAZ, A. KORKUT, B. ETLI, M. CILEK. Ecotourism and rural development in the Thrace region.


T. ZAHARIA, M. GOLUMBEANU. Contributions for the promoting of the sustainable tourism in the coastal areas'of Constantza county – Romania.


Clean technologies


L. PETROV, V. ILIEV, A. ELIYAS, L. SPASSOV, L. PRAHOV. Photocatalytic oxidation of 4-chlorophenol in aqueous solution over Ti02-Si02 in a flow reactor.


M. BEGEA, I. STROIA, S. VRACIU. Clean-up technologies for malt and brewing industry .


A.  CIPURKOVIC, Z. OSMANOVIC, P. PETROVSKI, H. SMAILHODZIC. Recycling of waste materials and utilisation of alternative fuels in the cement factory in Lukavac.


E. LEONTE-PENA, I. GHITA, V. PATROESCU, C. DUMITRESCU, D. LAURENTIU. Effect of the addition of primary prefermented sludge into biological bioreactors on the denitrification and phosphorus removal processes.


I. URSOIU, C. BOGATU. Studies concerning waste water treatment by use of ion exchange process for metallic ions removal (Cu2+ and Zn2+).


N. SDRULA, L. GLEJARU, C. SDRULA. Clean energy from biomass. A challenge for the future.


Environmental radioactivity


M. ISRAEL, V. ZARYABOVA. A method for providing protection against electromagnetic radiation in Balkan countries.


D. SAPONJIC, A. ZIGIC, V. ARANDJELOVIC. HYPERION Network - a distributed measurement system for monitoring background ionising radiation.


D. TODOROVIC, D. POPOVIC, M. RADENKOVIC. Radionuclides in ground level air in Belgrade urban area.


Environmental legislation


I. PETRISOR, D. POPA. The actual status in the adoption, implementation and synchronisation of the Romanian legislation on environment to the one of the European Union - the transpo­sition of the acquis on environment during the interval 2001-2003.