Vol 7, No 1

Research and education for sustainable development

I.-F. MIHAILESCU, V. BOGDAN. Aspects of the wind regime and of the energetic resources on the Romanian coast of the Black sea.
Air pollution

H. CHERVENKOV. Estimation of the exchange of sulphur pollution in the Southeast Europe.
Water pollution

L. ALEXANDROV, V. SMOCOV, D. MIRCEA, T. ZAHARIA, I. CERNISENCU, C. POPA.  Ecological unbalance of Romanian coast inland waters. Causes and effects.
N. KOZAREV, N. ILIEVA. Mathematical modelling and computer simulation of oil spill dissipation.
Water purification

D. CHIS, C. BOGATU, I. VLAICU, A. IOVI, D. BOTAU, I. URSOIU. Chlorine dioxide synthesis and its analysis by chemical methods.
Soil pollution

S. MARINOVA, H. HRISTOV, O. MASLOV. Content of heavy metals in soils from lower reaches of Arda river, East Rhodopes region of Bulgaria.
Abstract / Full paper

S. SHILEV, V. VANCHEVA. Characterisation of yeast tolerant to As and Cd.
Industrial pollution

M. MITRITA, L. CRUCERU, N. RUSU. Analytical investigation of mineral oil content in soil during the remediation process.
Risk assessment

R. SIRBU, T. NEGREANU-PIRJOL, M. SIRBU, E. M. CADAR. Aggressivity of the marine medium on some buildings from the Romanian Black sea coast.
D. POPA, I. PETRISOR, F. DRAGOMIR, C. BABEANU. Impact of the employed waters evacuation on Danube’s water quality.
M. CHUCHKOVA. Concepts of health promotion.
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M. ZUCCHETTI. Environmental pollution and health effects in the Quirra area, Sardinia island (Italy) and the depleted uranium case.

V. DAESCU, A. MEGHEA, GH. PANCESCU, I. RAU. Impact of some economic activities on environmental factors in the Danube delta biosphere reservation.
N. KOUTINAS, G. PEPELYANKOV. Rootstock influence on the development of flower buds in two apple cultivars.
Waste management

P. VASILESCU, F. BARCA, C. JINESCU, M. MARES, GH. JINESCU.    A possible approach of wastes destruction.
V. DAESCU, I. FRINCULESCU. Efficient solutions for the waste management in Romania.
V. DAESCU, E. IONITA. Regulations regarding the waste incineration in Romania and their application within some Romanian industrial units.
Solid waste management

P. KOTORI, I. MALOLLARI, E. SHEHU. Mercury removal from solid wastes in area of chlor-alkali factory using leaching processes.
Environmental protection and sustainable development

B. ZDRAVKOV, Y. PELOVSKI. Extruded building materials from FGD gypsum.
Clean technologies

GH. MENCINICOPSCHI, I. STROIA, M. BEGEA. Enzymes ‘at work’ in food industry.
I. NITOI, C. COSMA, E. LEONTE-PENA. Aspects regarding the degradation of BTEX compounds from aqueous solution by advanced oxidation processes (AOPS).

Environmental radioactivity

TZ. BINEVA, D. STANEVA, P. YONOVA, I. YORDANOVA, N. STOEVA. Modification of the irradiation effect on oat plant during the vegetation period.
I.YORDANOVA. Natural radioactivity in samples from some regions in the Rila mountains and around former uranium mining areas.
L. MISHEVA. Methodological features for determination of plutonium isotopes in soil samples.
Abstract / Full paper
C. VARLAM, I. STEFANESCU, A. FERU, I. POPESCU, A. ENACHE, M. RACEANU, M. VARLAM. Tritium measurement using direct liquid scintillation counting in environmental aqueous samples.
I. YORDANOVA, D. STANEVA, TZ. BINEVA. Radioactivity measurements in the region of Belene along the Danube river.
M. ZUCCHETTI, F. AUMENTO. Accidents in nuclear-powered submarines and their effects on environmental marine pollution.
Environmental legislation

S. UZUNOVA, A. BAINOVA, L. CHIPILSKA, L. MECHKUEVA, T. IVANOV, A. TACHEV. Indicators and admissible levels for microbiological and chemical purity of cosmetic products.
R. DEBIASI, M. NICOLAU, E. MITRAN, I. NICOLESCU, V. DANCIULESCU, G. B. STANESCU. Method validation – requirement of ISO/CEI 17025 for accredited air pollution laboratory from INCD ECOIND Romania.
R. DEBIASI, M. NICOLAU, E. MITRAN, I. NICOLESCU, V. DANCIULESCU, G. B.STANESCU. Proficiency testing for air pollution test laboratories by inter-laboratory comparison schemes.
I. RUSU. Harmonisation of the Romanian environmental protection law with the Acquis.
L. ELMAZI, E. BAZINI, K. BELLO. Ecological marketing – the necessity for the environment protection in Albania.