Vol 7, No 2 (2006)

Research and education for sustainable development

P. D. LAZAR. Considerations on the dynamics of the relation: natural environment–eco-business–job.
ST. PETROV, T. BILEVA. Monitoring and sanitary protection of the environment.
EL. STAMATIOU, D. LAGOS. Promotion of tourism development in environmentally vulnerable areas – the case of border and less favoured regions (LFRs).
Abstract / Full paper

Air quality monitoring

D. ATANASSOV, S. SPASSOVA, D. GRANCHAROVA, S. KRASTEV, T.YANKOVA et al. Air pollution monitoring and modelling system of the town of Plovdiv (phase I).

Water quality

K. VOUDOURIS, M. SOTIRIADIS, A. PAVLOU, C. HATZILIONTOS. Groundwater quality in the coastal aquifer system of the Eastern Thermaikos gulf, North Greece.
M. KOCHUBOVSKI, D. GJORGJEV, B. ALEKSOSKI, V. KENDROVSKI, D. NEDELKOVSKI, V. KOSTIC, F. K. VOSNIAKOS. Heavy metal, pesticide and radionuclides distribution in the river Vardar.

Soil pollution

G. VASILE, L. CRUCERU, J. PETRE. Analytical investigation concerning the methods for extraction of exchangeable forms of heavy metals from the sediment from the Danube delta.
A. SAHMUROVA, A. ONGEN. Microelements in the lands of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Agricultural pollution

AT. TOMOV, D. ALANDJIYSKI. Lead and cadmium in the system soil–plant in industrially polluted area. Field experiment.

Industrial pollution

M. KRGOVIC, J. SADADINOVIC, M. DONLAGIC, N. DONLAGIC, S. BOTONJIC. Environmental challenges facing the paper industry.
M. POPA, M. JITARU. Study on the dynamics of Cu2+ accumulation in the polluted vegetation from the Zlatna region.

Risk assessment

E. SOKOLOVSKI, I. DOMBALOV.    Assessment of the emissions of polychlorinated biphenyls in the Republic of Bulgaria.
S. P. GATEVA, D. AZMANOV, G. JOVTCHEV, M. STERGIOS, T. ARSOV, V. GEORGIEVA. Induction of apoptosis by herbicide devrinol.
V. TRIANTAFYLLIDIS, D. HELA, G. SALAHAS, P. DIMOPOULOS, T. ALBANIS. Carbofuran losses in surface runoff from plots cultivated with maize.


B. CHOLEVA, Y. TZVETKOV, T. BILEVA, P. BARAKOV. Influence of the green algae Chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris) on the root-knot nematode(Meloidogyne arenaria) under greenhouse condition.
L. MASHEVA, S. M. AMRANI, M. M. HAITOOM, N. MASHEV. Polyphenols and their antioxidant effect on biological grapes and wine of V.vinifera.

Waste management

G. SOREANU, I. CRETESCU, C. COJOCARU, M. MACOVEANU, M. PETRUC. Some pollution aspects and waste management in the sustainable eco-agrotourism concept.

Environmental protection and sustainable development

M. LAZAR. Agrotourism – a new tourist’s option in Romania.
U. BAL, S. ALTINTAS. A positive side effect of Trichoderma harzianum , the biological control agent: increased yield in vegetable crops.
CH. LADIAS. The strategy of therapeutic spa tourism in Central Greece.

Clean technologies

C. COJOCARU, I. CRETESCU, G. SOREANU, C. POPA, M. MACOVEANU. Applying of peat as floating sorbent in order to remove diesel oil spill from water surface. Process optimization.
D. S. ACHILIAS, P. MEGALOKONOMOS, G. P. KARAYANNIDIS. Current trends in chemical recycling of polyolefins.
P. NAKOS, E. ATHANASSIADOU. Formaldehyde-free composite wood products for improved indoor air quality.

Environmental legislation

A. SIRBU, C. KLEPS. Towards prospects on Romanian agricultural knowledge and information system’s development.
A. S. CALINOIU. Utilisation of biomass for energy purposes in Romania.

Environmental management

V. KOPRIVLENSKI, ST. PAVLIDIS. Theoretical and methodological conceptions of cost management in the organic agriculture.
O. M. NEKHAY, S. SHILEV, J. M. RECIO ESPEJO. A pattern simulation of green restoration of the riparian landscape in an agricultural countryside of south of Spain (Andalusia region).
U. BAL, H. H. TOK. The future of organic agriculture worldwide and significance of long-term planning of natural resources for ecological agriculture in the Igneada and its surroundings.

Environmental education

I. URSOIU. Progress in environmental teaching at the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Politehnica University of Timisoara.
I. KOUZMANOVA, A. ALADJADJIYAN, D. IVANOVA. Environmental education – needs and perspectives in front of the Plovdiv Training Center of Agro-Ecotourism and Organic Agriculture.