Vol 7, No 3 (2006)

Research amd education for sustainable development

B. VIROZI, S. HADJILEONTIADOU. Seeking for the sustainable development concept in Greek high school textbooks.
A. ALADJADJIYAN, D. IVANOVA, A. ZAHARIEV. Use of solar energy in sustainable agriculture.
A. M. YAROSHENKO, G. E. ZAIKOV. Advances in the field of high-purity reagents.

Air pollution

M. PANAYOTOVA, J. STAYKOVA. Lead-zinc production and air pollution in Kardjali.
S. DOGAN, A. AYTAC. An overview of Turkish energy policies in context of climate changes. Review.

Water pollution

I. NITOI, C. COSMA, M. NICOLAU. Aspects regarding the pollution of natural resources with heavy metals.
O. A. POMBO, A. KUBAS, E. O ZKAN, F. YILMAZ. Irrigation management and socio-economic impacts of water pollution in Mexicali and Thrace regions.

Water quality control

A. MORIKI, K. GEORGIADIS. Water quality monitoring in a marine fish cage farm.
N. PAPADAKIS, I. SIRIKAS, K. THEOCHARIDIS, P. GEORGIANOS, P. TSOUMBARIS. Sanitary situation of water supply–sewerage systems and quality of potable water in Chalkidiki prefecture (Greece).
N. PAPADAKIS, P. GEORGIANOS, E. PANAGOPOULOU, P. TSOUMBARIS. Sanitary situation of water supply–sewerage systems and quality of potable water of prefecture Serres (Greece).
N. PAPADAKIS, D. CHARALAMPIDIS, O. TSACHOURIDOU, A. CHARALAMPIDOU, D. KAPADAIS, D. MITSIKAS, M. STAURAKAS. Hygienical control of potable waters of the urban group of Thessaloniki.

Soil pollution

G. VASILE, L. CRUCERU, J. PETRE, V. IANCU, R. MITRAN.    Analytical investigation concerning the methodology for extraction of exchangeable forms of heavy metals from different types of soils.

Agricultural pollution

N. PANAYOTOV, P. KOSTADINOVA, N. STANCHEVA. Influence of allelochemicals from Johnson grass extract on the sowing quality of carrot seeds in organic agriculture system.
E. KOKKINOU, F. PALOUKI, V. PANARITIS, A. KIRIAKIDIS. Environments’ impact to people’s health in regions with agricultural cultivation: the Fokida’s case.

Industrial pollution

D. DIMCHEV, P. KOSTADINOVA, I. DOMBALOV. Atmospheric pollution with sulphur containing gases and possibilities for protection in Bulgaria.
P. KOSTADINOVA, D. DIMCHEV, E. SOKOLOVSKI. Atmospheric pollution with sulphur and nitrogen containing gases and possibilities for protection.
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Risk assessment

C.-D. OANCEA, C. GOLOVANOV. Concept of virtual instrument in unconventional energy monitoring.
R. DANELIA, I. GOGSADZE, K. BZIAVA, A. BOGGIA. About one problem on non-stationary wave forming processes in a reservoir at landslide phenomena.
S. MOURELATOS, S. GEWEHR, S. KALAITZOPOULOU, G. MASKALIDIS, K. IORDANIDIS, G. IATROU. Eight years of integrated mosquito control programs in Northern Greece: a successful example of applied ecology.
S. GEWEHR, N. PIAKIS-CHATZIEVAGELOU, S. MOURELATOS. Ecological mapping: the use of geographic information systems (GIS) for rational mosquito control in natural wetlands.


D. IVANOVA, A. ALADJAJIYAN, N. GOUSHLEKOV. Study of the change of the climatic conditions in spring in the Plovdiv region for the needs of agriculture.

Soil waste management

H. SMAILHODZIC, S. SULEJMANOVIC. Waste materials used as a transparent thermal insulation.

Environmental protection and sustainable development

M. OZYAVUZ, A. B. KORKUT, B. ETLI. The concept of biosphere reserve and the biosphere reserve area studies in Turkey.
E. SISMAN, B. ETLI. Evaluation of wetlands of Turkey with respect to the criteria of the Ramsar Convention.

Clean technologies


S. ALTINTAS, U. BAL. Effects of organic and inorganic substrates on the development, yield and fruit quality of tomato.
P. KOSTADINOVA, I. DOMBALOV. Influence of the milling bodies on the mechanochemical activation of Tunisian phosphorite.


Environmental radioactivity

TZ. BINEVA, D. STANEVA, N. STOEVA, I. YORDANOVA. Effect of the synthetic growth regulators on gamma-irradiation stress in triticale plants.

Environmental management

D. PETROVA, P. KOSTADINOVA, E. SOKOLOVSKI, I. DOMBALOV. Greenhouse gases and environment.

Environmental education

M. KOCHUBOVSKI, D. GJORGJEV. Curriculum of the course ‘Sustainable management of waters’ in the training center for environmental and health professions - Skopje.
S. HADJILEONTIADOU, G. KEKKERIS. A novel way to investigate student views about environmental problems.
D. KONETAS, E. FILIS, D. KYRKAS. Computer technology applications enforcing environmental sensitisation ( biodiversity).
K. TATIDOU, G. SKARAKIS. School activities and administration: Chimerical expectations or reality.