Vol 7, No 4 (2006)

Research and education for sustainable development

Z. S. ANDREOPOULOU. Education perspectives and the impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in an environmental government division.
A. K. KOKKINAKIS, Z. S. ANDREOPOULOU. Estimating fishery production models of lakes Koronia and Volvi (Macedonia – Greece) aiming to their sustainable development.

Water pollution

N. KUZMANOV, D. IVANOVA. Use of instrumental and phytomonitoring methods for determining the qualities of surface waters.
C. COSMA, A. BALLO, M. NICOLAU, I. NITOI.    Natural water resources contaminated by chemical and petrochemical industries. Quality and treatment possibilities.
A. R. DINCER, A. H. DOKMECI. Concentrations of some heavy metals in the Gala lake water, sediments and pollution sources.

Soil pollution

V. IVANOVA, D. ALANDJIISKI, O. TAFRADJIISKI, G. LYKOKANELLOS. Biometrical responses of Callistephus sinensis (N e e s), grown on polluted with heavy metals soil.

Soil pollution control

C. CONSTANTIN, M. DUMITRU, M. MARINESCU, I. CREANGA. Determination of organic halogens compounds from soil by coulometry method concerning to sewage sludge use in agriculture.

Risk assessment

M. GOSPODINOVA, A. OVCHAROVA.  Influence of the drip irrigation and fertilisation of the cherry trees, cultivated in lysimeters on the salinity of the drainage water.
T. FIMKA, D. GJORGJEV. Environmental health aspects of the roads safety and injuries in Macedonia.


O. B. TODOROV, D. S. IVANOVA. Study of the dependence between temperature, rainfall and the number of collected parasitoids of subfamily Aphidiina.
C. BABEANU, G. CIOBANU, G. MARINESCU, P. CHILOM. Effects of complex fertilisers on some oxidoreductases activity in growth and development processes of pepper plants.

Marine ecology

Y. KARACA, Y. KAHRAMANER, G. OZDEMIR. Effects of atmospheric parameters on fish population. Part I.

Waste management

G. VASILE, R. MITRAN, V. ROSCA, M. PETRESCU, M. VIDRIGHIN, M. NICOLAU. Highlights of the effects produced on environmental components in an ecological municipal waste landfill area.

Solid waste management

V. IVANOVA, Y. PELOVSKI. Plant growth experiments for agricultural application of ammonium sulphate from desulphurisation unit.
P. KAVOURAS, G. KAIMAKAMIS, I. TSILIKA, TH. A. IOANNIDIS, TH. KEHAGIAS, K. CHRISSAFIS, E. PAVLIDOU, S. KOKKOU, G. P. DIM. Vitrification as a tool for solid waste treatment: A case study for electric arc furnace dust.

P. KAVOURAS, C. CHARITIDIS, TH. KEHAGIAS, TH. KARAKOSTAS. Tailoring the mechanical properties of glass-ceramic materials from solid waste.
A. FILIBELI, N. B. PAKDIL. Agricultural usage of treatment plant sludges in Turkey.

Environmental protection and sustainable development

E. E. SISMAN, A. KORKUT, B. ETLI, M. CILEK. Determination of landscape potentiality of Enez.
S. KARAGIANNIS. A tourism policy proposal for sustainable ecotourism development: the case of Dirfis area in Euboea, Greece.
E. G. GULER. Sustainable tourism in Mediterranean islands.

Clean technologies

V. IVANOVA, O. TAFRADJIISKI, G. LYKOKANELLOS. Studies on different substrates for Chrysanthemum growing in unheated plastic greenhouses.
A. HASSANZADEH-GORTTAPEH, M. ZAHEN-MANESH. Effects of fertiliser systems on quality and quantity of oil from different sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) cu.
P. STEFCHEV, K. IVANOVA, H. DIKOV, CH. TRAPALIS. Photocatalytic activity of TiO2 sol-gel films.

Environmental radioactivity

R. IVANOVA, V. DELIBALTOVA, T. KOLEV. Influence of pre-sowing seed irradiation of two introduced flax cultivars with gamma-rays.
V. DELIBALTOVA, R. IVANOVA. Impact of the pre-sowing irradiation of seeds by helium-neon laser on the dynamics of development of some cotton varieties.
M. ZUCCHETTI. Doses due to contamination of the Techa river by the Mayak nuclear complex in Russia.

Environmental legislation

I. R. ANDREEA. Common organisation of wine market in Romania within the context of the European Union integration.

Environmental management

A. HASSANZADEH-GORTTAPEH, H. RANJI, M. S. NEIKMANESH. Evaluation of energy and cost balance of Canola in West Azerbaijan province.

Environmental education

R. ALEXANDRU, A. SIRBU. Changes and prospects of Romanian university education in food engineering area.
Abstract / Full paper

M. KOCHUBOVSKI, D. GJORGJEV, B. ALEKSOSKI. Curriculum of the course ‘Environmental sustainable development in the frame of EU legislation harmonisation’ in the Traning center for the environmental and health professions-Skopje.