Vol 8, No 1

Education for sustainable development

A. SIRBU, V. PASLARU. Phospholipase using as bread-making improver.
Water pollution

A. CIPURKOVIC, G. AVDIC, R. KUBICEK, P. PETROVSKI. Investigation of nutrients in the Modrac lake.

P. LAZO, A. ARAPI, L. PJESHKAZINI. An evaluation of arsenic content in some Albanian rivers.

F. VOSNIAKOS, I. TRIANTAFFYLIS, T. ALMPANIS, K. DIAMANTOPOYLOS, K. ZABLARIS.    Heavy metals, pesticides and radionuclides distribution in the river Axios.

B. KOUMANOVA, M. JITARU. Adsorption on natural materials from Balkan area – alternative methods applied for the environmental protection.
K. T. PETKOV, A. ZVEZDOV, ST. PAVLOVA, D. ZVEZDOVA. Siroflock process as a pretreatment technological method for a small ion-exchange desalination water deioniser.
E. PALLA. Epidemiology of waterborne infections.

Soil pollution

S. BOGOEVSKI, S. JANCEV. Regional geochemical surveys on heavy-toxic metals (Pb, Zn and Cd) in soil samples from the Veles city area and its surroundings.
S. JANCEV, S. BOGOEVSKI, E. HRISTOVA. Geochemical surveys on the toxic heavy metals Pb, Zn, and Cd in agricultural soil samples from Bashino village–Rechani at the Veles city area, Macedonia.

Risk assessment

C. VARLAM, I. STEFANESCU, A. FERU, I. POPESCU, A. ENACHE, M. RACEANU, M. VARLAM. Tritium measurement using direct liquid scintillation counting in environmental aqueous samples.
R. BIRLICA, E. VOINEA, M. NICOLAU, M. PETRESCU, A. CUCIUREANU, M. VIDRIGHIN, I. LUCACIU, I. CIURCANU. Adverse effects caused by pyrites and sterile dump from Central pond area on environmental factors quality – groundwater and surface water.
S. SHILEV, A. FERNANDEZ, E. D. SANCHO. Assessment of the tolerance of sunflower seedlings grown in the presence of arsenite and arsenate.
T. SABUDAK, G. SEREN, G. KAYKIOGLU, A. R. DINCER. Determination of copper, zinc and lead contents in sunflower plants.
A. K. KOKKINAKIS. Environmental risks for the fish fauna in the main rivers of Central Macedonia (Greece).
M. KAMBUROVA, D. KOSTOVA. A comparative analysis of the content of manganese and molybdenum in vegetable crops.
K. DIMITROVA, B. KUZMANOV. Technological characteristics ofStreptococcus thermophilus selected strains.
Z. DAOUDI, S. M. AMRANI, A. EL-HAITUM, N. MASHEV. Contribution to the investigation of some physical and biochemical characteristics of durum wheat (Triticum durum) grain and semolina grown in various Algerian ecological.

Marine ecology

F. NICOLAE, M. GOLUMBEANU. Environmental friendly shipping – important chapter in merchant fleet education.
F. NICOLAE, M. GOLUMBEANU. Environmentally acceptable sea transportation. The human and technical measures.

Waste management

D. CIPRIAN, C. COSMA, E. PENA-LEONTE, A. BALLO. Physicochemical and biological characterisation of the sludge from the Romanian municipal wastewater treatment plants for assessment of its conformity level with the legal norms fo...
P. ESCIOGLOU, N. OIKONOMOU. The use of industrial by-products in forest recreation road construction.
N. OIKONOMOU, K. SIKALIDIS, S. MAVRIDOU. Utilisation of rubber from worn automobile tires in cement products.

Environmental protection and sustainable development

M. O. AZABAGAOGLU, A. AKYOL, A. OZAY. The demand for organic wines and organic wine marketing.

Clean technologies

E. TERLEMESIAN, M. MIHAYLOV , K. MITOV, I. KESYAKOV. Clean method for copper production from mineral raw with low content of copper.
K. T. PETKOV, A. T. ZVEZDOV, D. T. ZVEZDOVA. A feasibility study for the production of laboratory standard water in accordance with BDS ISO 3696 and ASTM D 1193-99 without energy consumption.

Environmental radioactivity

R. MARGINEANU, N. POPA, C. OLTEANU. 137Cs use in sedimentation rate assessment in gullies and reservoirs in Romania.

Environmental management

S. BASBAS. Environmental impacts from the operation of variable message signs in the road network.
F. VOSNIAKOS, D. PRAPAS, J. TRIANDAFYLLIS, A. KARYDA, A. BIZOPOULOS, M. KATSADONI. Seasonal measurements of air pollution from petrol cars in the city of Thessaloniki in 2005.

Environmental legislation

A. AKYOL, M. O. AZABAGAOGLU, A. OZAY. Wineries and wines around the world and European Directives of wine production.