Vol 8, No 2 (2007)

Research and education for sustainable development

M. O. AZABAGAOGLU, A. KUBAS, H. HURMA, F. YILMAZ. Producers’ pesticide usage knowledge and purchase behaviour in Turkey at the EU extension process.
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Water quality analyses

M. MITRITA, I. CRUCERU, L. CRUCERU, J. PETRE, G. VASILE. Results of collaborative interlaboratory study to estimate the performance characteristics of the gas chromatographic method for some alkyl phenols from water.
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Soil pollution

H. INCE, A. K. UYMAZ, H. ERKIN. Determination of the positions of flood fields and study on effect of flood on soil structure.
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Risk assessment

E. BICHUROVA, M. BALTADJIEVA, B. KUZMANOV. Study of the microflora during the process of ripening of white brined cheese without cholesterol.
F. DRAGOMIR, D. POPA, A. POPA. Air microflora in hospitals and risk for the public health.
A. DARABA. Reducing the psychrophillic bacteria hazard in vacuum-packed fresh pork meat by surface decontamination with lactic acid and lactic acid bacteria.
G. SAMOURIS, V. ANTONIOU, N. ZANTOPOULOS, M. IOANNIDOU. Impact of toxic substances on animals of wild fauna in Northern Greece.
C. CARDOS, A. M. MOLDOVEANU, C. PARVAN. Health risks in connection with fungi contamination of vegetal products.
C. HOTOLEANU, M. L. RUSU, D. L. RUSU, M. POROJAN-IUGA. Effect of magnesium rich diet on the cardiac patients evolution.
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Marine ecology

V. S. RAYKOV. Primary management objectives for sustainable sprat (Sprattus sprattus L.) stock exploitation at the Bulgarian Black sea coast. Preliminary results.
V. S. RAYKOV, V. V. MIHNEVA, G. M. DASKALOV. Investigations on sprat (Sprattus sprattus L.) population dynamics in the Bulgarian waters of the Black sea related to its trophic base and climate changes.
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Solid waste management

C. ZAHARIA, M. SURPATEANU, M. MACOVEANU. Assessment of environmental impact generated by municipal waste deposition into a Romanian landfill.
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Environmental protection and sustainable development

M. CODREANU, S. CAZANESCU. Danube alluvial plain and delta – priorities for wetlands and protected areas.
A. KUBAS, I. H. INAN, H. HURMA, E. R. ERBAY. An important role of local people to joining wetland protection and analysis of contingent valuation methods.
V. PLENICEANU, C. GOLEA, D. POPA. Environmental protection within the Drobeta Turnu-Severin heavy water production industrial unit’s area of influence.
P. BEGEA, I. GHINOIU, I. STROIA, M. BEGEA. Culinary activities – specific way for capitalisation of touristic potential of the rural settlements from Drajna–Chiojd sub-Carpathian depression.
K. M. ANGELOU. The impact of climate change on seasonal cycles.
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M. BEGEA, I. STROIA, E. BOCA, M. VLADESCU, P. BEGEA. Utilisation of NG ATP hygiene equipment for reading and interpretation of results for ATP analysis in canned foods enterprises.
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Clean technologies

P. P. KIRILOV, Y. G. PELOVSKI, I. P. DOMBALOV, I. N. GRUNCHAROV. Kinetic study of the thermal decomposition of pyrite in an inert atmosphere.
I. STROIA, M. BEGEA, E. BOCA, E. BARON, GH. BALDEA, S. MUSU, C. MIHAI,E. VAMANU. Food grade lactic acid from cereals.
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Environmental legislation

M. GULER, A. B. DURAL. Climate change and its effects.
Y. GUNES, G. KAYKIOGLU, E. H. GUNES, N. KARAKAYA. Effects of technology based effluent limits on receiving waters.
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Environmental management

P. KOSTADINOVA, I. DOMBALOV. Mechanochemically activated phosphates and their direct use in agriculture.
B. S. GUNGOR. Management system of protected areas for sustainable use of natural resources.

A. K. KOKKINAKIS. Ecological problems concerning the distribution of the vulnerable fish fauna in running water ecosystems of East Macedonia and Thrace region (Greece).
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Computer applications on environmental information system

Z. S. ANDREOPOULOU. E-organisation of forest records in Greece.
A. K. KOKKINAKIS, Z. S. ANDREOPOULOU, I. V. KIRKENIDIS. Sustainable aquaculture management of Mediterranean coastal lakes with a multimedia learning system.