Vol 8, No 3 (2007)

Research for sustainable development

B. HERSKOWITZ, R. REZNIK, R. SEGAL. Studies on antiradical action of herbal extracts from seasoning and their effect on foods and human health.
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Air pollution

A. M. MOLDOVEANU, A. C. MOLDOVEANU. Air pollution with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in several cities of Romania.
F. VOSNIAKOS, D. PRAPAS, J. TRIANDAFYLLIS, K. NIKOLAOU, A. KARIDA, A. BIZOPOULOS, M. KATSANTONI, D. PATRONAS. Integrated study of atmospheric and noise pollution from vehicles in Thessaloniki – Greece.
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Water pollution

S. DUKA, A. CULLAJ. Determination of metallothionein in mussel samples of the Butrinti lake (Albania).
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Water quality assessment

N. PAPADAKIS, P. TSOUMPARIS, Ch. DULGERIS. Control of hygienic water for human consumption. Water quality in Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki prefectures.
H. MERDANIC, H. SMAILHODZIC, D. FERHATOVIC, Z. OSMANOVIC. Indicating water quality by moss.
F. VOSNIAKOS, T. ALMPANIS, G. VASILIKIOTIS, K. DIAMANTOPOULOS, E. CHRISTOFORIDOU, A. KARIDA, K. ZAVLARIS, P. METZELOU, D. LAMPROPOULOU, P. SELIMI, A. KOUGOLOS, K. VOSNIAKOS, S. AVDIMIOTIS. Evaluation of transboundary pollution levels in the Axios river (Greece, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia) – direct and indirect impacts on man and environment.
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Agricultural pollution

B. ZARKOVIC, S. BLAGOJEVIC. Effect of some agrotechnical measures on the uptake of lead by maize plants.
A. NURO, K. KOCI , E. MARKU. Occurrence of persistent chlorinated biphenyls contaminants using butter as an integrative matrix.
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Risk assessment

Y. ORAMAN, I. H. INAN. Determination of consumer’s attitudes towards organic vegetables and fruits in Istanbul.
Z. DIMITROVSKA, I. SPIROSKI, M. DIMOVSKA, V. KENDROVSKI, B. ALEKSOSKI. Health promotion by preventive check-ups and health risk detection.
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Marine ecology

C. OLTEANU, M. TOMA. Preliminary results of neutralisation of pollution of the Black sea.
T. TRAYANOV, V. RAYKOV, V. MARINOVA, V. MICHNEVA, T. ZAHARIA, V. MAXIMOV, M. YANKOVA, M. GOLUMBEANU. Marine protected areas in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black sea shelf.

Environmental protection and sustainable development

A. RANCA, D. BRADUCEANU, F. MIHAILESCU, M. POPESCU. Wines routes in Dobrogea – solution for a sustainable development of the local agrotouristic potential.
R. YILMAZ. Environmental impacts on the protected areas. A case study in Thrace region, Turkey.
S. K. IVANOV, J. P. IVANOVA. Opportunities for production of biomass-based alternative fuels in Republic of Bulgaria.
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M. NAYDENOV, D. DRAGANOVA. Screening of antagonistic fungi from Trichoderma spp. for biological control of important plant pathogens.
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Clean technologies

M. BEGEA, I. STROIA, C. MIHAI (LITA), E. GHEORHE, E. BARON. Factors influencing the quality of wine active dried yeast.
CH. NIKOLOV, D. KANDAROV, D. DAMYANOV. Improvement of process heater performance using a combined water soluble additive.
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Environmental radioactivity

C. BUCUR, C. OLTEANU, M. PAVELESCU. Sorption of cesium-137 on soil samples.
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Environmental legislation

D. POPA, A. POPA, F. DRAGOMIR. Adequation of the Romanian viticultural legislation to the one adopted by the European Community.
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Environmental management

E. SOKOLOVSKI, I. DOMBALOV. Soil pollution with POPs pesticides in the Republic of Bulgaria.
N. ALTUG, O. CETIN. Consumer perception about food safety: an empirical investigation.
T. ZAHARIA, V. MAXIMOV, D. MICU, M. GOLUMBEANU, V. S. RAYKOV. Measures for implementing the management plan for the Romanian marine reserve Vama Veche–2 Mai.
D. BIGIOI, I. DOBRE. The importance of quality management for the agri-food products.
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D. V. CVIJANOVIC, J. V. SUBIC, M. M. NIKOLIC. Marketing in agriculture. Its influence on farm and companies development.
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Environmental informatics

G. OZDEMIR, A. TOKGOZLU, Z. ASLAN. Atmospheric parameters: effect on fish populations.
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Computer applications on environmental information systems

C.-D. OANCEA, A. NEDELCU. Level and erosion monitoring of hydrographic area.