Vol 8, No 4 (2007)

Research for sustainable development

Z. KVIRIASHVILI. Agro-food processing in Georgia.
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Water pollution

G. VASILE, J. PETRE, L. CRUCERU, M. NICOLAU, M. MITRITA, V. IANCU, F. VOSNIAKOS.    Evolution of physicochemical quality of the Danube delta aquatic ecosystem state in the period May-October in 2003-2005.
J. PETRE, M. MITRITA, I. CRUCERU, L. CRUCERU, V. IANCU. Results of collaborative interlaboratory study to estimate the performance characteristics of the gas chromatographic method for determination of di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate in water.
E. VARADINOVA, Y. UZUNOV, R. SOUFI. A new integrated index for assessment of the ecological status of rivers as based on functional feeding groups of the macrozoobenthos.
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Water quality

N. PAPADAKIS, P. TSOUMBARIS, CH. DOULGERIS. Drinking water quality of the Thessaloniki prefecture, Greece.
CH. DOULGERIS, N. PAPADAKIS, P. TSOUMBARIS, L. KOVATSI, H. TSOUKALI. Arsenic, cadmium and manganese in drinking water of the Thessaloniki prefecture, Northern Greece.
R. SEMERARO, M. BALDASSI, L. BALLARIN, C. BRUN, L. D’AMELIO, F. FORTI. Long-term tracing in karstic aquifer reservoir for drinking water: the example of chain ‘Peaks of the Musi mountain’ (Western Julian Fore-Alps).
R. SEMERARO, L. BALLARIN, C. BRUN, S. DAMBROSI, F. FORTI. Tracer test in the Vadose zone of the Trebiciano abyss near an uncontrolled landfill (the karst of Trieste).

Soil pollution

G. VASILE, L. CRUCERU. Optimised method for extraction of mobile species of heavy metals from polluted soils.
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Industrial pollution

K. OUZOUNOV, G. VISSOKOV, I. GRANCHAROV, L. BRAKALOV. Plasma-chemical treatment of systems consisting of natural phosphate, phosphogypsum and flotation waste through thermodynamic investigation.
M. POPA, N. BREAZ, M. JITARU. The impact of pollution with heavy metals on the population of industrialised area.
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N. RADU, A. MEGHEA. Studies concernig the use of microbial biomass by fertilisers manufacture.
GH. DAN PASAT, N. CARAGEA. Research regarding the milk quality as raw material and the estimation of milk collecting capacity in Berca area, Buzau county.
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Biochemical protection

C. VIZIREANU, D. ISTRATI. Nutrients loss evolution upon meat hot wet processing.
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Clean technologies

I. BECENEN, H. INCE, K. KARACAVUS. Water storing for irrigation of agricultural fields from ponds or dams by using wind energy in the Thrace region.
A. K. UYMAZ, H. INCE. Study of Kirklareli dam and its refining foundation for the drinking water source in the Thrace region.
N. RADU, L. SZABOLCS, A. MEGHEA. Studies concerning the recovery of nutrient from industrial wastewaters as fertilisers.
M. ZARA, G. BLEOJU. Innovative biotechnology – a source of distinct competence in the food industry.
L. PETROV, V. ILIEV, A. ELIYAS, D. TOMOVA, G. LI PUMA. Photocatalytic properties of modified TiO2 coatings for purification of waste water and air.
E. STOICA, M. GOLUMBEANU, B. CHIOTOROIU, I. STOICA, A. COCIASU, V. COSTENCU, M. ARDELEAN. Identification of possible surface waters as drinkable water sources in case of natural disasters in Romania.
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Environmental radioactivity

M. TOMA, L. DINESCU, I. PAUNICA, C. OLTEANU. Study of the radioactivity level around the National Radioactive Waste Repository, Baita – Bihor.
N. MOCANU, A. RANCA, N. PAUNESCU, G. MARIN. Environmental tritium related to normal operational stage of the Candu nuclear power plant at Cernavoda – Romania.
I. YORDANOVA, D. STANEVA, A. ZLATEV, L. MISHEVA, TZ. BINEVA, M. POINAROVA.    Study of the radioceasium content in Bulgarian mushrooms for the year of 2005.
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Environmental legislation

I. SHEPS.    ISO 22000: The New International Standard on Food Safety – A Comparison to HACCP (Danish Standard DS 3027, 2. edition).
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M. KOCHUBOVSKI, B. ALEKSOSKI, V. KENDROVSKI, M. DIMOVSKA. Review of bacteriological and physicochemical quality of natural mineral water produced in the Republic of Macedonia.