Vol 9, No 1(2008)

Air pollution

C. NECSULESCU, L. IONITA, E. BUCUR. Stationary sources emissions. Total Cd, Cr, Cu determination in exhaust gases from incinerators.
N. TAUS, S. TARULESCU, M. IDOMIR, R. TAUS. Respiratory exposure to air pollutants.
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Water pollution

A. AGAFITEI, M. MACOVEANU, M. AGAFITEI, V. GABOR, O. COMISU. Contributions to the study of water quality of the Izvoru Muntelui – Bicaz storage lake.
M. BADEA, M. IDOMIR, N. TAUS, C. POPESCU, R. SCORTEA, G. COMAN, G. S. NUNES, J.-L. MARTY. Biosensors for organophosphorus and carbamates pesticides detection from water samples.
S. SAVIC, N. STANKOVIC. Purposed examination of toxic metals and pesticides in the water of bioaccumulation Bovan as a way of estimation of bioaccumulations.
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Soil pollution

N. DZHURA, O. ROMANYUK, I. OSHCHAPOVSKY, O. TSVILYNYUK, O. TEREK, A. TUROVSKY, G. ZAIKOV. Using plants for recultivation of oil-polluted soils.
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Industrial pollution

M. KOCHUBOVSKI, B. ALEKSOSKI, M. DIMOVSKA, D. GJORGJEV. Preliminary environmental health impact assessment of exhaust gases from refinery ‘OKTA’.
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Risk assessment

M. MOGA, GH. PREDA, L. MARCEANU, R. MICLAUS, N. BAGIU. Lifestyle factors related to bone mineral density in postmenopausal women.
T. E. MAN, C. MODRA. Drought impact of environment and agricultural products.
A. DARABA. Microbiological quality of vacuum-packed pork meat: the influence of different technological factors on lactic acid bacteria growth.
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Waste management
M. PETRE, V. PETRE. Environmental biotechnology to produce edible mushrooms by recycling the winery and vineyard wastes.
C. D. OANCEA, C. VLAICU. DC power supply from power line network.
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N. CARAGEA, C. ROIBU. Studies regarding milk contaminants influence on the human health.
E. STANESCU, M. NICOLAU, I. LUCACIU, S. IVAN, F. VOSNIAKOS. Dynamics of the biotic components in the aquatic ecosystems from the Danube delta biosphere.
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Clean technologies

Z. OSMANOVIC, P. PETROVSKI, H. SMAILHODZIC, D. OMERDIC. Effect of alternative energents usage on cement production parameters in the cement factory Lukavac.
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Environmental legislation
S. SAVIC, N. STANKOVIC, M. PURENOVIC. Public water supplying of village territories of south-eastern Serbia: Results and real results – the importance of adequate interpretation of the Book of rules.
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Environmental management

L. IONITA, E. BUCUR, I. NICOLESCU. Proficiency testing scheme for air emission.
V. MANOLE, D. BOBOC. Cooperation – factor of performance improvement in wine sector.


A. X. ALBANIS, C. G. ECONOMOPOULOS, M. A. GOULA. Economic viability of waste treatment units in livestock farms, for electricity and heat production.
M. MAZILU. The globalisation, the environment and economic security on the perspective of the European integration.
GH. BRATUCU. Researches concerning improving of the humidification operation of cereals for grinding.
R. LUPSA. Optimisation of the dosing technological process of viscous food products.
S. POLYZOS, G. ARABATZIS. Spatial distribution of natural resources and their contribution to regional development. The case of Greece.
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Computer applications of environmental information system
D. OLA, M. MANESCU. Automatic control through computer of a volumetric screw dosing system destined for agro-foods bulk solids.
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Public health-environmental medicine

M. MOGA, GH. PREDA. Nutritional aspects of osteoporosis.
D. CARAMAN, R. SEGAL, T. FLOREA. Study of relationships between nutrition and the dietetic effect of the rosemary tea.
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Environmental economics

R. A. ION. Mathematical model for economic resuts’ optimisation of the wine chain.
S. SIMON. Economic clusters as sustainable units in the agriculture of Bekes county, Hungary.