Vol 9, No 2 (2008)

Air pollution
E.  BUCUR, C. NECSULESCU, L. IONITA, I. NICOLESCU. Survey, emission and evaluation of volatile organic chemicals.
Water pollution


E. STANESCU, I. LUCACIU, S. IVAN, M. NICOLAU, F. VOSNIAKOS, L. A. VARGA, M. GOLUMBEANU . Spatio - temporal evolution of the biotic components in the aquatic ecosy-stems from Danube delta biosphere.

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F. VOSNIAKOS, V. GABRIELA, J. PETRE, L. CRUCERU, M. NICOLAU, M. MITRITA, V. IANCU, I. CRUCERU, L. A. VARGA, M. GOLUMBEANU. Assessment of the quality of the Danube delta aquatic ecosystem-surface water and sediment.

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A. KABBANI, H. H. HAMMUD, N. AFIFI, A. MOUNZER. Dissolved oxygen and water hardness – indices for health water in lebadon.

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Soil pollution
G. VASILE, L. CRUCERU, J. PETRE, M. NICOLAU, V. IANCU. Measurement of mobile trace metals from polluted soils in industrial sites.
C. CAPATINA, C. M. SIMONESCU. Study regarding the impact of a domestic wastes warehouse on the soil of the city of Tg-Jiu, the Gorj county.
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Agricultural pollution
G. T. CHANEVA, A. N. UZUNOVA, V. M. KAPCHINA-TOTEVA, S. G. CHANKOVA. Heavy metal stress in coincubation system Chlamydomonas reinhardtii/Pisum sativum.
V. TRIANTAFYLLIDIS, A. PAPASAVVAS, D. HELA, G. SALAHAS. Comparison of nitrate content in leafy vegetables conventionally and organically cultivated in Western Greece.
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Risk assessment

C. VIZIREANU, D. ISTRATI. Culinary treatment influence on vitamin C in vegetables.
N. TAUS, M. BADEA, R. TAUS, V. SCARNECIU. Environmental tobacco smoke increases the incidence of asthma.
M. MOGA, GH. PREDA. Environmental factors in carcinogenesis.
M. MOGA, N. BAGIU. Environmental stress and environmental manipulation on the premature infant in neonatal intensive care unit.
M. MOGA, .GH. PREDA Phytoestrogens and the breast.
M. FAGARAS. Several wetlands from the Romanian Black sea shore and their specific plant communities.
A. PAPASAVVAS, V. TRIANTAFYLLIDIS, G. ZERVOUDAKIS, G. KAPOTIS, Y. SAMARAS, G. SALAHAS. Correlation of SPAD-502 meter readings with physiological parameters and leaf nitrate content in Beta vulgaris.
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Marine ecology

R. MATEESCU, C. COMAN. Evolution of the Romanian Black sea shore under the actual anthropogenic impact.
D. PETROVA, D. GERDJIKOV. The changes of phytoplankton community in 2005.
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Waste management

L. PETKOV, B. SPASOV. Copper electrolytic extraction from diluted sulphuric acid solutions on pulsating cathode.
L. PETKOV, I. DARDANOVA. Electroextraction of copper from diluted sulphuric acid solutions by fluidised bed cathode.
D. THEOFANIDIS, A. FOUNTOUKI, F. VOSNIAKOS, N. PAPADAKIS, K. NIKOALOU.     Sustainable management of hospital waste: the view of Greek nurses.
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D. STOYANOVA-KOLEVA, E. TCHAKALOVA. Structural changes in chloroplast of Potamogeton natans L. andMyriophyllum spicatum L. leaves in response to heavy metals.
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Clean technologies

Y. A. ALHAMED. Phenol removal using granular activated carbon from dates stones by H3PO4 activation.
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Environmental management

S. AVDIMIOTIS, M. GOLUMBEANU. Necessity of the early warnings system for the development of new sustainable forms of tourism. The case of Chios island, North Aegean.
G. ARABATZIS, S. POLYZOS. Contribution of natural and socio-cultural resources in tourism development of Mainland Greek prefectures: a typology.
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Environmental legislation

G.-R. GILLICH, N. GILLICH, C. P. CHIONCEL, F. CZIPLE. Legal aspects concerning the evaluation of pollution effects due to vibrations in urban areas.
A. K. UYMAZ, H. INCE. Determination of Dolomite beds by geodesic method and dolomite production in the Thrace region.