Vol 9, No 3 (2008)

Air pollution

F. VOSNIAKOS, J. TRIANDAFYLLIS, D. PRAPAS, A. KARYDA, P. MENTZELOU, G. VASILIKIOTIS, D. KARAGIANNIS, P. LAZOU, A. PAPASTAMOU, K. VOSNIAKOS, V. ARGIRIADIS. Urban air pollution due to vehicles in Katerini city on comparison basis (1999-2006).
K. NIKOLAOU, N. PAPADAKIS, S. BASBAS, P. ERMIDIS, P. SPYROGLOU, P. DIMOU. Spatial and temporal variation of air quality in Greek cities.
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Water pollution

D. PETROVA, S. PATCEVA, V. MITIC, G. SHTEREVA, D. GERDZHIKOV. State of phytoplankton community in the Bulgarian and Macedonian lakes.
M. NICOLAU, B. COSTEL, D. CIPRIAN, L. STOICA. Activated sludge inhibition tests for acrylic/methacrylic acids and derivates.
C. BARBU, A. POPESCU, D. SELISTEANU, M. CONSTANTINESCU, A. PREDA. Study of the concentrations of heavy metals from the Jiu river, in post-communist Romania.
S. LAVROVA, B. KOUMANOVA. The role of Phragmites australis in wetlands self-purification.
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Water quality

K. I. VATALIS, G. CHARALAMPIDES, O. MANOLIADIS, C. AKRATOS, A. ASVESTA. Water quality assessment of the Polyfyto lake in Western Macedonia, Greece.

Water pollution

R. TROJA, D. PRIFTI, K. SINI. Drinking water in Albania. Sensorial, chemical and micro-biological evaluation.
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Agricultural pollution

T. SABUDAK, G. KAYKIOGLU, A. ONGEN, H. DOKMECI, S. O. CELIK, I. DOKMECI.    Determination of nickel and lead contents in soil and plant in Corlu, Turkey.
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Risk assessment

M. MOGA, GH. PREDA. Smoking in pregnancy.
D. M. BARBU, I. BARBU. Human behaviour in a vibrational medium. Experimental considerations.


V. VASIC, K. KRINULOVIC, T. MOMIC, M. COLOVIC, A. VUJACIC. Effects of some organic and inorganic compounds on ATPase activity.
A. N. UZUNOVA, G. T. CHANEVA, I. I. NACHEV. Antioxidant defense in the leaves of maize plants (Zea mays L.) under cadmium and paraquat stress.
S. SAVIC, N. STANKOVIC. Examination of bioaccumulation Bovan targeting toxycological research of sludge samples.


D. MYRONIDIS, D. EMMANOULOUDIS, G. ARABATZIS. Research on the contribution of small hydroelectric plants to the energy balance of Greece.
S. GATEVA, S. KULEKOVA. Chromosome aberrations and apoptosis induced by paraquat corresponding with cell cycle delay in human lymphocytes in vitro.
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Environmental protection and sustainable development

GH. BRATUCU. Contributions for the perfection of thermal treatments of milk on the primary processing lines through the use of thermal tubes.
H. K. CAKIR, P. K. OVALI. Analysis of sustainability of the railway transport in the Trace subregion under the extent of ecological tourism.
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A. DARABA. Future trends in packaging: edible, biodegradable coats and films.
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Environmental radioactivity

L. BONAVIGO, M. ZUCCHETTI. Trino Vercellese nuclear power plant decommissioning.
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Environmental management

K. STEPANOVA. Ecotourism in Ukraine: challenges and opportunities (Odessa region case study).
I. SHEPS. QMS in future – ISO TC 176 Perspective.
S. BASBAS, E. BOUHOURAS. Evaluation of environmental impacts from the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems in road freight transport.
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Environmental legislation

P. KARANIKOLA, S. TAMPAKIS, E. RANTZOUDI. Evaluation of the problems created by trees and bushes to the urban environment.
GH. BATRINESCU, IL. NICOLESCU, M. PETRESCU, M. NICOLAU. Implementation of the conformation measures of the economical agents to the national legislative requirements regarding the limitations of volatile organic compounds emissions.