Vol 9, No 4 (2008)

Air pollution

D. PRIFTI, R. TROJA, K. SINI. Monitoring of the microflora of the air and environment in Tirana.
M. POPA, D. POPA, S. VARVARA. Aspects of greenhouse gas emissions in the Alba county (Romania).
M. KOCHUBOVSKI, J. JANEVSKI, M. DIMOVSKA, P. SIMJANOSKI, V. RISTOVA. Monitoring of the ambient air quality in Skopje and Veles and evaluation of the health effects in 1990-2006.
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Water pollution

A. ONGEN, H. DOKMECI, S. O. CELIK, T. SABUDAK, G. KAYKIOGLU, I. DOKMECI. Copper and cadmium contents in ground and surface water in Corlu, Turkey.
M. BADEA, C. BALA, L. ROTARIU, G. COMAN, S. GOCAN, J.-L. MARTY. Methyl paraoxon detection using HPLC-UV and electric eel acetylcholinesterase-based biosensors.
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Risk assessment

N. TAUS, M. BADEA, R. TAUS, E. PREDIGER. Indoors air pollution and acute intoxication with carbon monoxide.
A. M. MOLDOVEANU, A. C. MOLDOVEANU. Assessment of the influence of food structure and type of environment on human health in Romania.
K. SINI, R. TROJA, D. PRIFTI. Food safety considerations. Regulatory mechanisms in Albania, information of public opinion.
L. SHABANI, I. MALOLLARI , T. FLOQI. Evaluation of raw milk quality and safety parameters and their transmission after pasteurisation and during the shelf-life.
R. BERCU, D. BERCU. Anatomy and number of variations of the vascular bundles (meristeles) of fern Thelypteris palustris S c h o t t. (Thelypteridaceae).
R. BERCU, M. FAGARAS. Contributions to the anatomy of Nuphar luteum (L.) S i b t h. and S m. (Nyphaeaceae).
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Solid waste management

P. RAKIN, M. MARINKOVIC. A new way of nickel-cadmium dangerous waste treatment.
K. NIKOLAOU. Environmental management and landfill fire accidents.
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Environmental protection and sustainable development

D. M. VOICILAS. Investment process and sugar chain in Romania – transition’s sacrifices.
I. O. MUNTEAN, N. CUGLESAN. Objectives of sustainable development in the Hunedoara county.
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Clean technologies

S. BURCA, G. VERMESAN, C. BULEA, M. STANCA, H. BEDELEAN, A. MAICANEANU.    Removal of iron and zinc ions from electroplating wastewaters by ionic exchange.
I. NITOI, L. DINU, M. NICOLAU, C. COSMA. Study on photocatalitycal detoxification of wastewater contaminated with cyanides.
I. BANU, I. APRODU. Potential of maize cobs ash for removal of Zn(II) and Ni(II) in aqueous systems.
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Environmental legislation

M. ORLESCU, I. COSTESCU. Waste management dynamics, a whole of activities to protect the environment factors and for an economical capitalisation of salubriousness societies in Romania of the XXI century.
S. V. UZUNOVA, A. K. TACHEV, K. D. LYUBOMIROVA, D. P. OBRESHKOVA, I. P. PENCHEVA. Legislation on cosmetic products in regards with nitrosamines.
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Environmental management

Z. KVIRIASHVILI. Bio-farming in Georgia.
D. CIRTINA, R. POPA. Aspects regarding the gas emission with greenhouse effect in Gorj county.
C. DASCALU, C. CARAIANI, C. LUNGU.    Eco-cost challenges for environmental protection.
S. APAK, S. UZUNOGLU, A. F. ACIKGOZ. Mobilising financial resources for sustainable tourism industry on the Balkans.
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Environmental education

CH. BAKAS, F. VOSNIAKOS. Building virtual environments for environmental education.
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Geoinformatics and environment
G. BANDOC. Coastal phenologic cycles for Sfantu Gheorghe station (the Danube delta).