Vol.14, No.4 (2013)

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Atmospheric pollution

M. Popescu, C. Ilie, L. Panaitescu, M.-L. Lungu, M. Ilie, D. Lungu, Artificial Neural Networks Forecasting of the PM10 Quantity in London Considering the Harwell and Rochester Stoke PM10 Measurements,1473

M. T. Corches, M. Popa, Using Aermod Modelling System for Modelling Air Dispersion of Pollutants from a Steel Heat Treatment Plant,1482

A. Bekteshi, Z. Tafilica, Assessment of Heavy Metals in Street Dust in the Shkodra Area, Albania,1490

Water pollution

Jie Fu, Yin Luo, Chunsheng Liu, Hailiang Zhu, Studies on the Environmental Pollution of the Huaihe River, China,1498

S. Varvara, M. Popa, R. Bostan, G. Damian, Preliminary Considerations on the Adsorption of Heavy Metals from Acidic Mine Drainage Using Natural Zeolite,1506

C. Dinu, G. Vasile, L. Cruceru, Advanced Analytical Methods for Mercury Determination in Slightly Contaminated Water Samples, 1515

Yang Guang, He Xin Lin, Chen Jiang Chun, Xu Shuangdui, Chen Si,Yang Wenxin, Ecological Response of Haloxylon ammodendron Plant to Drought Stress and the Model to Predict the Soil Moisture Content,1525

Ruixin Guo, Zhiliang Wang, Guoping Li, Jianqiu Chen, Lab Study on the Inter-specific Competition between Two Common Freshwater Plankton Species,1536

W. M. Yan, L. Liu, Z. B. Yu, B. Qian, T. F. Wu, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal from Eutrophic Water by Oxygen-enriched and Combined Ecological Floating Bed Grown Oenanthe javanica,1542

Soil pollution

A. Lato, A. Neacsu, F. Crista, K. Lato, I. Radulov, A. Berbecea, L. Nita, M. Corches, Chemical Properties and Soils Fertility in the Timis County Wetlands,1551

M. Demir, E. Makineci, M. Kartaloglu, Monitoring of Grain Size Fractions of Sediments from Different Forest Road Types,1559

G.-A. Dumitrel, M. Popa, M. Glevitzky, M. Vica, A. Todoran, Evaluation of Soil Heavy Metal Pollution in the Zlatna Region,1569

M. A. Sandu, A. Virsta, M. Preda, The Incidence of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Bucharest City,1577

Risk assessment

Haidong Zhu, Guorong Chen, Wentao Shang, Yinghao Huang, A New Method for Controlling the Temperature of Dam Body in Concrete Dam Construction Process,1586

A.-D. Gheorghiu, Z. Torok, A. Ozunu, How Can Existing Risk Assessment Methodologies Be Used in a Systematic Manner, in the Extractive Mining Industry?,1597

B. Stanescu, Gh. Batrinescu, L. Kim, Establishing Interrelations between Saturated and Unsaturated Zone Premises for Studying Hazards near Municipal Landfills. Case Study,1608

Z. Karakayacı, Z. Bayramoglu, Effect of Ecological Factors on Yield and Price Fluctuations in Agricultural Products,1614

E. Doroftei, M. Trandafirescu, Cytotoxic Effects and Mutagen Potential Induced by the Foliar Fertiliser Bionat on Allium cepa L.,1627

A. Bechir, O. C. Arghir, D. L. Ghergic, M. Comaneanu, E. S. Bechir, Environmental Impact of the Activities in Dental Laboratories,1637

C.-L. Erimia, R. Sirbu, H. Miresan, S. Paris, D. Vataman, Current State of Soft Drugs in Europe: Policies, Legislation and Emerging Tendencies,1645


I. Moise, V. Moise, Algorithm for Carbon Capacity Storage of the Forest Species According to Soil Characteristics and Stands Age,1651

N. Boja, F. Boja, A. Teusdea, C. Maior, P. A. Darau, Research Regarding the Uniformity of Sprinkler Irrigation,1661

P. Barghini, M. Esti, M. Pasqualetti, S. Silvi, A. Aquilanti, M. Fenice, Inhibition of the Ochratoxin-A Producer Aspergillus carbonarius on White and Red Grapes by Crude Cell-wall Degrading Enzymes from the Antarctic Fungus Lecanicillium muscarium CCFEE 5003,  1673

S. Golemi, N. Medja, D. Muriqi, D. Lacej, Relationship between Hematocrit and Some Biological Parameters in Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio),1680

Marine ecology

M.-L. Lungu, C. Ilie, L. Panaitescu, M. Ilie, D. Lungu, M. Popescu, Mathematical Modelling of Parameters Influence on the Marine Climatic Index in view of Tourism Favourability for the Mamaia Resort (Romania),1686

M.-I. Nenciu (Zaharia), D. Rosioru, V. Coatu, A. Oros, N. Rosoiu, Characterisation of the Environmental Conditions of the Long-snouted Seahorse Habitat of the Romanian Coast,1695

Solid waste management

A. Popovici, G.-E. Popita, C. Roba, T. Rusu, V. Tofana, C. Rosu, A Proposal for Cathode Ray Tubes Waste Recycling,1703

Environmental protection and sustainable development

S. Popescu, M. Dragan, M. Dragomir, D. Pitic, From Organisational Business Performance to an Environmental Excellence Framework,1711

M. K. Karaguni, Sustainable Urban Development and Survival Challenge,1719

L. Miron, C. Gavat, L. Panaitescu, Influence of Crop Rotation and Nitrogen Fertilisation on Morpho-physiological Traits,1728

Sustainable land planning

S. Moise, GIS Inventory of Degraded Lands for Afforestation in the Topalu Village,1735

Biochemical- and bioprotection

H. Miresan, C. Rosca, V. Zaharia, M. Bratu, R. Sirbu, V. Schroder, S. Paris, F. Roncea, Oxidative Response of the Blue Mussel Following Exposure to Some Thiazolyl-thiazolo-triazoles,1743

Clean technologies

D. Neagu, A. N. Dimache, I. Bica, I. Iancu, Solutions for the Neutralisation of Hexavalent Chromium in the Groundwater,1753

G. Bandoc, M. Degeratu, A. M. Florescu, E. Dragomir, Variance Analysis of Wind Characteristics for Energy Conversion,1760

S.-C. Vac, G.-E. Popita, N. Frunzeti, A. Popovici, E. Merce, T. Gabor, Biogas Plants – a Sustainable Choice,1769

A. E. Cioabla, I. Ionel, D. Bisorca, I. Neamt, G. A. Dumitrel, Small-scale Biogas Production Using Residual Sludge as Substrate,1777

Environmental radioactivity

A. Negrea, L. Lupa, M. Ciopec, P. Negrea, R. Voda, C. Ianasi, Study of Different Impregnation Methods of Inorganic Supports with Ionic Liquid,1785

Environmental management

C. Ene, V. D. Ciobanu, A. E. Dumitrascu, E.-C. David, S. A. Borz, Resource Management of Renewable Energy of Forest Fuel in South-west Forest Districts of Romania,1794

G. Tigu, C. D. Furtuna, G. Gheorghe, Promotion of the Immaterial Cultural Patrimony for a Lasting Local Development,1803

Computer application – soil erosion

L. Dimen, T. Borsan, C. D. Bratan, Using GIS Technology for Soil Erosion Analysis. A Case Study: the Hydrographical Basin of ‘Buturoi Valley’, Jidvei, the Alba County,1811

Public health – environmental medicine

M. Constandache, D.-T. Epure, E. Condrea, A.-C. Stanciu, St. Radu. Functional Foods – Special Opportunity in Ensuring and Maintaining the Population Health Condition,1819

F. Busuricu, T. Negreanu-Pirjol, A. Popescu, D. Margaritti, C. Lupu, V. Schröder, S. Tomos, Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity of Certain Romanian Wines,1828

D. Doicescu, I. Bratu, S. Tomos, St. Paris, Echinococcosis in the County of Constanta,1836

D. Jitariu, C. Z. Zamfir, Chemical Composition, Histological Structure and Microbiological Analysis of the Intensively Fattening Lamb Meat,1845

F. Roncea, H. Miresan, R. G. Cazacincu, R. Sirbu, A. Popescu, C. Danaila, V. Iancu, C. Rosca, Co-processed Excipients Used in NSAIDs Orally Disintegrating Tablets Development,1853

Reserved areas protection

O.-L. Muntean, L. Buzila, R. Mihaiescu, C. Malos, N. Baciu, Assessment of Environmental Vulnerabilities and Constraints in the Vascau Plateau (Natura 2000 Protected Area, Romania),1860

Geotechnology – civil engineering impact and environment

D. Popa, Environmentally-friendly Methods Used for Building Rehabilitation. Case Study ‘City Hospital of Abrud’,1871


Conclusions of the International Symposium ‘The Environment and the Industry’ (SIMI 2013), 1878

Conclusions of the International Conference onResearch and Education in Natural Sciences – (RENS2013)’,  1881

 Authors Index, 1884